Welcome to the Green Man Encyclopedia

Welcome to the Green Man Wiki Encyclopedia

This Green Man web site, like its sister the Sheela-na-gig Project, is an attempt to collate information specifically on the location of the Green Man (GM) in the United Kingdom. Although there are several very good web sites devoted to the study of GM including their functions, none it seems have attempted to list the location of GM found in the United Kingdom. True some of these sites have listed the locations of some Green Man, but there lists are very incomplete and no one site is dedicated specifically to this function. As a result the location of known GM is scattered to the winds. The idea of creating this web site came about as a spin-off from our existing interest in sheelas. We have discovered the location of many GM over the years, mainly using visits, and printed sources. But the scale of this project is huge and daunting, and although many hundreds are already known, much more await discovery, as a result this project is on-going, and will continue to grow..