Bristol St Mary Redcliffe

Brstol, Redcliff
St Mary Redcliff. At least 36 located including 10 Jack in the Green type, and several foliate masks which surround the doors of the north porch; 17 GM roof bosses in the in the transepts, nave, aisles, chancel and beneath the tower; 2 foliate masks on the William Edney 18th century ironwoek screen in the American Chapel; a corbel with mouth foliage supporting Cabot's whale rib beneath the tower; another at the base of the sod stand in the nave; 2 corbel foliate masks in the south transept; a crowned head with mouth foliage on stained glass in the American Chapel; a Green Skull at the base of the Sandford and Challender memorial; and another exterior with mouth foliage on the south side.