Newport Tredegar House

Newport 5.
Tredegar House. This is considered a fine example of a 17th century mansion, and was once the ancestral home of the Morgan family. It is now under the control of the Newport Council and is open to the public. In the Brown Room, dated 1672, contains highly decorated oak panels with a number of GM. Two female figures whose lower torso develops into foliage. A GM with mouth foliage, another two with nose foliage and another 4 foliate masks, including one with foliage sprouting from top of his head, cheeks and temples. Also in the Brown Room although not GM two identical heads, not only with a large moustache, but further whisker mouse like hairs sprouting from the nose. It is claimed both are caricatures of King Charles the First. Upstairs outside the Red room are 2 identical chairs backs with a GM with mouth foliage.