Finding the Green Man

GM are located where you find them, in other words they are a common form of icon found in any suitable location in most famously the medieval period including churches, housing, castles. During a visit to the Exeter Cathedral, Mike Harding after counting images of Christ and the GM calculated that the GM out numbered Christ by five to one. They are made of many materials including, stone, wood, metal, paper, paint, ceramics. They are found on roof bosses, tympaniums, capitals, corbels, spandrels, stops, wall paintings, stain-glass, floor tiles, furniture including misericords, poppy-heads, arm rests, chair backs, in short almost any surface which lends itself to decorative features. Further, the GM continues to be used as decorated features up to more recent times, and are common in many forms of housing from the medieval up to and including Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods.