Glossary Of Terms

This glossary contains just some the more unusual terms used when describing the positions of GM.

Acanthus: a stylised representation of a plant with thick scalloped leaves.

Apse: semicircular recess

Architrave: moulding frame round a door or window.

Archivolt: ornamental moulding following the curve on the underside of an arch.

Cornice: a moulded projection surmounting building, arch or wall.

Crossing: space often vaulted between the intersection of nave, chancel and transept in larger churches.

Cusp: decorated point in which two curved shapes intersect such as an arch.

Escutcheon: sheld shaped motif used for decoration.

Façade: elevation.

Frieze: a horizontal band filling the space between the cornice and architrave.

Jamb: side of window, doorway or other form of opening.

Kittimukhas: grotesque Hindu demon.

Label: small stylised scroll

Label stop: carved decoration at the termination of a label.

Leonine: lion like.

Moulding: decorative surface on an arch, panel capital etc.

Piscina: a stone basin in which clergy rinsed the chalice etc after Mass.

Plinth: projecting base of a wall or column.

Reredos: A decorated timber or stone screen usually supporting a shelf

Roundel: circular moulding

Sedilia: stone seat usually built with the wall of a presbytery.

Spandrel: triangular surface area between two adjacent arches or ribs

String course: continuous projecting horizontal moulding on a wall surface..

Tracery: intersecting rib-work on upper part of window.

Voussoirs: a block of stone used in construction on an arch.

Woodwose: mythical wild man.

A full glossary of terms can be found in Stephen Friar’s excellent book published in 1996 ‘The Companion to the English Parish Church’.